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Nine PKK terrorists killed in northern Iraq

Turkish forces killed nine PKK forces in northern Iraq. Four were killed in the Operation Claw-1 area, three in Claw-Lock,

Protests continue in Chad

The protest organized by Wakit Tamma continued as they denounced France's support for the Transitional Military Council.  Police used teargas

Bomb blasts injure six pro-regime forces in Naypyitaw

Two bomb blasts wounded at least six pro-regime supporters during a rally in Naypyitaw Monday morning. The anti-junta Naypyitaw People's

Junta forces kill dozens in Ye-U

Junta forces killed at least 29 people in Ye-U since May 10.  Some of the bodies reportedly showed signs of

Taliban clashes with Tajik Border Guards

Taliban forces reportedly clashed with Tajikistan border guards on Monday near Sher Khan Bandar, Imam Sahib district. The clash reportedly

Female BLA suicide bomber arrested in Turbat

Counter-terrorism forces arrested a suspected female  Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) terrorist suicide bomber on Monday during an operation in Turbat.

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