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Geopolitical Report Analyst

We provide geopolitical request for information (RFI) services to help you understand how geopolitical risk impacts your organization.

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Our Geopolitical Report Analyst service provides direct access to our intelligence analysts, allowing you to ask specific questions and receive answers to fill your intelligence gaps.

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Benefits of a Request for Information (RFI) Service

Use Geopolitical Report Analyst to surge your analytical capacity and boost the productivity of your analyst teams. You’ll submit direct requests to Geopolitical Report analysts for customized intelligence and analysis products to streamline the intelligence cycle. We’ll use our open source intelligence (OSINT) collection to enhance your collections agility by tracking your adversaries and rapidly analyzing, refining, and contextualizing the data to generate valuable insights. Our service increases intelligence coverage by including more regions, countries, data sources, and threat actor types.

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Sample RFI Topics

We provide products based on your request for information (RFI). Some topic examples may include country reports, threat actor profiles, key leader profiles and networks, threat assessments, emerging trend assessments, current intelligence briefings, and policy analysis.

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We provide clients with written briefings, presentations, live question-and-answer sessions, and location-based data-driven dashboards. We'll deliver answers in the format that you need.

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Gain on-call access to our analysts to answer your most important geopolitical questions.

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