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Geopolitical Report Data

Geopolitical Report Data provides you with event summaries, terrorist or insurgent groups involved, casualty data, geographic coordinates, sources, and more.

We Collect OSINT and Map It

We do all of the open source intelligence (OSINT) collection of events each month, quantify impacts with casualty data, and map their locations, so you don't have to. Helping you better understand geopolitical risks and saving you time and money.

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Daily Collection

Geopolitical Report Data provides summaries from an average of 40 new geopolitical events daily. The coverage is worldwide and tracks over 85 types of events, and over 100 terrorist/insurgent organizations.

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Access to over 70,000 event points

Access to the complete archive of over 70,000 geopolitical reports since January 1, 2019, with locations and data. Available by the month or year.

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Available for Download or via API

Geopolitical Report Data is available for download in CSV, KML, or Shapefile formats. Additionally, the data is available via ArcGIS REST API for using or selling in your own internal and external software applications.

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Get Started With Geopolitical Report Data

Gain access to over 70,000 geopolitical reports and geospatial data for use in your own software, such as ArcGIS, QGIS, or Tableau.

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