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Geopolitical Report Pro

Geopolitical Report Pro provides you with daily geopolitical intelligence delivered to your inbox and reports with maps, casualty data, sources, and podcasts discussing the most important global issues.

We Collect OSINT and Provide Analysis

We do all of the open source intelligence (OSINT) collection of events each month, quantify impacts with casualty data, and map their locations, so you don't have to. Helping you better understand geopolitical risks and saving you time and money.

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Daily Delivery

Geopolitical Report Newsletter with summaries from an average of 40 new geopolitical events delivered every day.

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Access to over 70,000 reports

Access to the complete archive of over 70,000 geopolitical reports since January 1, 2019 with web maps and data.

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Access to Analysts

Interact with analysts in member discussions and comments.

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