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GeoPioneer provides democratized location intelligence for Afghanistan through our geopolitical event mapping and demographics.

Taliban arrest 40 people linked to bombers in Jalalabad

Afghan high school girls protest against Taliban

Deadly IED blast in Jalalabad

An IED bomb blast struck a truck carrying Taliban border police forces in Jalalabad on Sunday. At least five people

Car bomb blast injures two people in Kabul

A car bomb blast injured two people in the western part of Kabul on Saturday. The explosion took place at

Bomb blasts in Jalalabad kill three, injure 20

Three roadside bomb blasts killed at least three people and wounded 20 others in Jalalabad on Saturday. One of the

Taliban regime bans girls from secondary education

The Taliban education ministry stated that secondary education for boys in grades seven to 12 would start again on Saturday.

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