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Russia's troop buildup continues on the Ukraine border and NATO has continued warning of the ongoing deployment and joint exercise in Belarus.

NATO warns of Russia’s deployment in Belarus
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned that Russia has deployed 30,000 combat troops, SU-35 jets, nuclear-capable Iskander missiles and S-400 air defense systems to Belarus for the joint exercise between the two countries. The deployment to Belarus is the largest since the end of the Cold W…

The one-year anniversary of the coup in Myanmar passed and a nationwide strike took place, as clashes continued around the country.  In addition, more sanctions were leveled against junta officials.  

Nationwide strike in Myanmar to mark coup anniversary
Opponents of the junta’s rule in Myanmar started a silent strike and asked people to stay home and close businesses from 10 am to 4 pm to mark the one-year anniversary of the coup. Flash mob demonstrations and peaceful protests were held in several locations throughout the country before the start…
Myanmar officials sanctioned on coup anniversary
The US, Britain and Canada imposed additional coordinated sanctions against officials in Myanmar on the one-year anniversary of the coup in the country. While junta officials have previously been sanctioned, the new sanctions targeted judicial officials involved in prosecutions against Aung San Suu…

Anti-Covid restriction and vaccine mandate protests continued at ports of entry with the United States and in Ottawa throughout the week.  Protests are expected to grow over the weekend and will likely spread to other cities.

Protest continues in Ottawa
Around 250 people, along with vehicles, are still protesting against Covid restrictions and mask mandates in Ottawa. Parts of downtown still remain inaccessible and at least 30 traffic tickets have been issued. A large influx of people is expected in the city for the upcoming weekend.
Suspected guns present at Ottawa protest
Police suspect that guns have been brought to the protest against Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates in Ottawa, with a significant amount of funding and organizing originating in the United States. Truckers continue to block roads around the city and blockades are continuing at several ports o…
Quebec prepares for protest
Quebec police have barricaded streets in preparation for a protest against Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates. The police have warned that they will not tolerate vandalism, violence or criminal activity, while protesters say they are planning a peaceful demonstration in solidarity with protest…