Burkina Faso

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GeoPioneer provides democratized location intelligence for Burkina Faso through our geopolitical event mapping and demographics.

President deposed in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso's army said that it has deposed President Roch Kabore, suspended the constitution, dissolved the government and national assembly

Burkina Faso president detained

Protests in Ouagadougou target political party HQ

Protesters in support of soldiers staging mutinies at military bases took to the streets of Ouagadougou and burned and looted

Gunfire at military bases in Burkina Faso

Mutinous soldiers opened fire at the Lamizana Sangoule military barracks in Ouagadougou on Sunday.  The government said that it was

Protests turn violent in Ouagadougou

Protesters barricaded streets and threw rocks in Ouagadougou on Saturday as they called on President Roch Marc Christian Kabore to

IED blast injures four French soldiers in Burkina Faso

An IED blast struck a French military forces vehicle in northern Burkina Faso on Wednesday. Four soldiers were wounded in

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