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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has become particularly destructive and deadly over the past week, with strikes targeting cities and critical infrastructure, including nuclear power and research facilities.  Russian ceasefires have been called for the past two days to allow civilians to leave Mariupol via humanitarian corridors, but Russian attacks broke the ceasefires before any substantial evacuations were completed.  

Missile attack destroys Vinnytsia airport
Russia launched at least eight missiles at the Vinnytsia Airport and completely destroyed it, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Casualty figures were not given from the attack.
Heavy strikes hit Saltivka
Russian bombardments continue to focus on the Saltivka area, with a high number of homes being destroyed. Casualty figures were not given from the ongoing attacks.
Missiles hit Ovruch
Russian missiles hit Ovruch and destroyed at least 30 homes. Casualty figures have not been released from strikes.

Protests against the Russian invasion have taken place around the world over the weekend, including in Russia.  Thousands have been detained during protests in Russia since the war began.  

Protest in Oxford against the Russian invasion of Ukraine
A protest drew hundreds of people in Oxford against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Protesters waved the Ukrainian flag and sang the Ukrainian national anthem.
Pro-Ukraine rally in Times Square
A pro-Ukraine rally took place in Times Square and drew thousands of people on Saturday.
Thousands attend pro-Ukraine rally in Dublin
Thousands of people attended a pro-Ukraine rally in Dublin on Saturday. Protesters denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and ambassadors from other countries spoke at the rally.
Large protest against the Russian invasion held in Hamburg
Approximately 30,000 people gathered in Hamburg to demonstrate against the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Saturday. The demonstrators called for peace in Ukraine and security in Europe.
Tens of thousands in Zurich demand end of war in Ukraine
An estimated 40,000 people took to the streets of Zurich to demand an end to the invasion of Ukraine. Protesters also called for ensuring tougher sanctions against the Russian economy.
Protests across Russia over Ukraine invasion
Protests took place in at least 29 cities across Russia against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At least 1,015 people have been detained in the protests.

A military bus was attacked near Palmyra, Syria killing and wounding dozens of Syrian soldiers.

Military bus attacked near Palmyra
Terrorists opened fire on a military bus near Palmyra killing at least 13 soldiers and wounding 18 more. It is not clear which group was behind the attack.

Doctors Without Borders employees were kidnapped in Yemen by suspected AQAP militants.  

Doctors Without Borders employees kidnapped
Two Doctors Without Borders employees were kidnapped by gunmen in Hadhramaut. The gunmen are believed to be linked to AQAP.