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Russia has taken heavy casualties in the early stages of the invasion of Ukraine and its advances have been slower than anticipated.

Russia takes heavy losses in the early days of the invasion
Russia lost around 4,300 soldiers from February 24-26 according to the Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar. In addition, it has lost: 27 aircraft; 26 helicopters; 146 tanks; 706 armored combat vehicles; 49 mortar systems; 1 Buk system; 4 Grad systems; 30 units of automotive equipment; 60…
Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian column in Bucha
The Ukrainian army destroyed a Group V column with more than 100 units of equipment in it. It is not clear how many casualties were involved in the operation.

While anti-war and anti-Russian protests have been prevalent throughout the world, protests are starting to pick up in Russia and Belarus.

Anti-war protests in Russia
Protests continued throughout Russia on Sunday in opposition to the invasion of Ukraine. Police detained at least 2,063 in 48 cities on Sunday, which brings the total number arrested in protests to more than 5,000 since Thursday.
Protests in Belarus against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Belarus on Sunday in at least 12 cities against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This comes even though Belarus has sided with Russia in the conflict.

The war in Yemen continues and two Houthi bomb-laden boats were destroyed on Sunday.

Saudi coalition destroys bomb-laden boats in the Red Sea
The Saudi-led coalition destroyed two explosives-laden boats off the coast of Hajjah in the Red Sea. Casualty figures were not given from the strikes.

Russia is continuing to conduct operations in Syria, even as they push forward in Ukraine.

Russian airstrikes target ISIS militants in Hama
Russian planes conducted six airstrikes in the Athriya area of Hama province on Sunday against Islamic State targets. Casualty figures from the strikes have not been released.