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Daily Brief: September 30, 2021

Daily Brief: September 30, 2021

Over the past day, we've mapped 49 events with the following breakdown by event category.

Hong Kong has deployed more police officers in preparation for National Day on Friday than they did for the holiday during the height of the protests in 2019. It is clear that the national security law will be used to stifle dissent as moves also continue to be made against activist groups.  

Hong Kong deploying thousands of police for National Day
Hong Kong is deploying over 8,000 police officers to its streets on Thursday and Friday to monitor national security law violations on National Day. The number deployed is higher than the 6,000 deployed during the height of the violent protests in 2019.
Hong Kong freezes assets for disbanded Tiananmen vigil group
The Hong Kong national security police have frozen the assets, including bank accounts, of the recently disbanded group that organized annual Tiananmen Square massacre vigils. Police already froze HK$2.2 million of the group’s assets on September 9.

A number of events have taken place across the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem over the past couple of days. Today three Palestinians were shot and killed in three separate incidents. The attacks may be retribution for the Israeli settler attack on Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills area yesterday.  Three Israelis have been arrested in connection to that violence.

Attempted knife attack in Jerusalem
A woman exited the Temple Mount and pulled a knife on Israeli police officers. The police officers then shot and killed her. No other injuries were reported.
Islamic Jihad militant killed after attack in Burqin
An Islamic Jihad militant opened fire toward Israeli troops in Burqin and was shot and killed.
Man killed along Gaza border fence
A man approached the border fence in Gaza and was shot and killed as he was digging in the ground and carrying a suspicious bag. Israeli authorities are investigating the incident.
Israeli police arrest suspects in South Hebron Hills attack
Israeli police arrested three Israelis for their alleged participation in the attack on a Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills that wounded more than a dozen people.
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