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Daily Brief: October 7, 2021

Daily Brief: October 7, 2021

Over the past day, we've mapped 31 events with the following breakdown by event category.

Friction is continuing between the UN and Ethiopia a week after UN officials were expelled from the country and Western countries are threatening sanctions.  As the humanitarian crisis deepens in the country, it is unclear how the Ethiopian government will handle the situation as it re-enforces its blockade of aid in Tigray.

UN calls on Ethiopia to allow aid to head off famine
Antonio Guterres, the United Nations chief, called on Ethiopia to allow unrestricted aid delivery a week after the country expelled seven UN officials from the country. Ethiopia says that the worsening humanitarian conditions are being exaggerated and has accused the UN of supporting the Tigrayan P…

After increasing FARC and ELN attacks, the Colombian military has been deployed along the border with Venezuela to combat the groups, as well as the drug trade.  This comes as the border between the two countries is being reopened to trade after nearly three years.

Colombia deploys troops to the Venezuelan border
Colombia has deployed 14,000 military personnel to the border with Venezuela as cartel and rebel groups continue to operate in the area, including ELN and FARC.

Houthi rebels continue to utilize bomb-laden boats and drones in the ongoing war in Yemen.  While the Saudi-led coalition has been successful in stopping most attacks against airports and other infrastructure, the scale of any successful attack on Saudi energy infrastructure could be devastating.  Operations against Houthi weaponized delivery systems will continue as heavy clashes drag on in Marib.

Houthi boat and drones destroyed in Hodeidah governorate
Saudi-led coalition forces destroyed three booby-trapped Houthi boats during operations in the Hodeidah governorate on Wednesday. The boats had been prepared to carry out attacks in the region. Furthermore, the coalition destroyed a Houthi drone site in Al-Jawf.

Militant attacks against security forces and civilians are continuing across the Sahel and reprisal attacks between ISWAP and Boko Haram are increasing in the Lake Chad region.  While thousands of ISWAP and Boko Haram militants have surrendered in the past several months, the battle-hardened groups are far from defeated.

87 ISWAP terrorists killed in Lake Chad area
ISWAP militants attacked a Boko Haram camp in the Lake Chad area of Borno State on Tuesday and at least 87 militants were killed. ISWAP used about 50-speed boats in the attack.
Boko Haram kills five civilians in Cameroon
Boko Haram militants attacked the village of Assigachia in Mayo Moskota Wednesday night killing five civilians.
Deadly IED attack near Bodio
A complex improvised explosive device (IED) attack near Bodio killed at least 16 soldiers and wounded at least 10 more. It is not clear which group is responsible for the attack.
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