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Daily Brief: October 28, 2021

Daily Brief: October 28, 2021

Over the past day, we've mapped 42 events with the following breakdown by event category.

As the fallout from the coup in Sudan continues, the international community is beginning to suspend activities in the country and many countries continue to recognize the civilian-led transitional government.  General Burhan has also fired at least six ambassadors for their continuing support of the civilian-led government.  

Protests continue in Sudan as the West recognizes the former government
Protests against the military coup are continuing in Sudan and at least seven people have been killed over the past four days. Security forces continue to fire teargas and rubber bullets as they remove barricades on the streets. A joint statement by the US, EU, Britain, Norway and other nations re…
Burhan fires six ambassadors
Coup leader, General Abdel-Fattah Burhan fired six ambassadors, including those from the US, EU, China and France, for continuing to support the former transitional civilian government.
World Bank suspends Sudan operations
The World Bank suspended disbursements for operations in Sudan following the coup in the country. More civilian groups, including doctors, pilots and state oil company workers are opposing the coup and advocating for a civilian-led government as protests continue on the streets.
Security forces launch a crackdown on protesters in Sudan
Security forces are arresting anti-coup protesters across the country on Wednesday in hopes of ending the demonstrations. This came after clashes in Khartoum where police fired teargas and protesters blocked roads. Many shops and businesses still remain closed after the coup.
African Union suspends Sudan
The African Union suspended Sudan from all activities until the civilian-led transitional government is restored.

Fighting is intensifying in Myanmar months after the coup earlier this year.  Resistance forces continue to launch attacks and the military continues to hunt them down, even in populated areas.  This has led to many people being pushed out of their homes due to the violence.

Bomb blasts injure nine people in Mandalay
Two suspected separatist bomb blasts in Mandalay wounded at least nine people on Wednesday. Four people were wounded in the first blast. Five rescue personnel were wounded in the second blast after responding to the scene. Rebels from the Special Attacking Force (Upper Burma) claimed responsibility…
Resistance forces kill 10 Myanmar security forces members in Demoso Township
Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) and Karenni Army fighters ambushed and killed at least 10 Myanmar security forces members in Demoso Township, Kayah State on Tuesday.
Myanmar forces injure resistance fighter, three civilians in Pekon
Myanmar forces injured a resistance fighter and three civilians during clashes with Pekon People’s Defense Forces (PDF) and Karenni Army members in the village of Shwe Pyi Aye village, Pekon on Wednesday. Afterward, more than 500 villagers fled the area after Myanmar forces shelled the community.
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