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Daily Brief: October 13, 2021

Daily Brief: October 13, 2021

Over the past day, we've mapped 45 events with the following breakdown by event category.

Facebook removed two large networks used for fake news and domestic influence campaigns in Sudan and Iran.      

IRGC Network removed from Facebook
Facebook removed 93 Facebook accounts, 14 pages, 15 groups and 194 Instagram accounts in Iran that were linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The network promoted domestic influence operations and fake news.
Facebook removes Sudan networks linked to military organizations
Facebook removed 116 pages, 666 Facebook accounts, 69 groups and 92 Instagram accounts in Sudan linked to the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces and domestic influence operations.

The Myanmar military has flown families of officers out of Kale, which indicates an offensive may be coming in the area.  As resistance forces continue to find success in a number of regions it is likely that the military will get more aggressive in hunting down facilitators which may lead to more fighting in cities.  

Military officer families evacuated from Kale
Military families of high-ranking officers have been evacuated on military aircraft in Kale as additional reinforcements and weapons have been deployed in the region. This comes as operations against resistance forces continue and fear of urban fighting is growing.

Hong Kong's main opposition party has decided not to field candidates for the upcoming election and China has directed schools to start displaying the Chinese flag at all locations next year.  As the suppression of opposition continues in Hong Kong, it is clear that China is taking a step beyond the new CCP-backed curriculum toward a long-term strategy of building nationalism into the school system.  

China directs Hong Kong to display the Chinese national flag
China has directed Hong Kong schools to display the Chinese national flag starting next year. The new regulation issued on Monday stated that schools must display the Chinese flag daily and conduct weekly flag-raising ceremonies. Hong Kong’s flag may also be flown if the schools have adequate flagpo…
Hong Kong Democratic Party will not contest the upcoming election
Hong Kong’s Democratic Party will not contest the upcoming election in December. This means that pro-democracy opposition has decided not to participate in the election as the government continues to crack down on dissent using the national security law.
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