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Daily Brief: November 25, 2021

Daily Brief: November 25, 2021

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The US Embassy in Kiev put an alert out to citizens in the country regarding Russian military activity near the borders.

US Embassy alerts citizens in Ukraine
The US Embassy in Kiev has alerted US citizens in Ukraine over unusual Russian military activity near Ukraine’s borders and in occupied Crimea. They reminded citizens that security conditions may change with little or no notice and to prepare plans to leave if necessary without US government assist…

The Ethiopian prime minister handed over power to the deputy prime minister and has headed to the front lines to fight Tigrayan rebels.

PM Abiy Ahmed heads to the front and hands-off duties
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has gone to the war front against rebels and has handed off his governing duties to Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen. Ahmed arrived at the front on Tuesday, although it is not clear where he is currently located.

Another migrant boat capsized off Calais killing more than two dozen people.

Migrant boat capsizes off Calais
A migrant boat capsized off Calais killing at least 27 people on Friday. A search and rescue operation is ongoing.

As the humanitarian situation worsens and winter approaches in Afghanistan, the US will be holding talks with the Taliban in Qatar.

US to resume talks with the Taliban
The US will resume talks next week with the Taliban in Qatar. They will discuss counterterrorism operations, the economy and the safe passage out of the country for US citizens and Afghans that worked for the US during the war.

The UAE is seeking to counter Qatar's influence in Afghanistan and has been talking to the Taliban about operating the Kabul airport.  

UAE in talks to operate Kabul airport
The United Arab Emirates has been in talks with the Taliban to run the Kabul International Airport. This comes at Turkey and Qatar have been helping to run the facility since the evacuation in August.
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