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In Nikopol, an 87-year-old woman was injured by Russian shelling, sustaining multiple shrapnel wounds. The attack also caused damage to houses. The head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration, Serhii Lysak, provided this information on Facebook. Private houses, outbuildings, greenhouses, and a transmission line were destroyed by the shells. Russian troops attacked the Nikopol and Marhanets communities with drones and artillery in the evening. This event took place on 06/11/2024 at the following location: Nikopol, Ukraine.

Incident Type: Military Conflict

Event Type: Military Operations

Total Fatalities: 0

Total Wounded: 1

Police/Military Fatalities: 0

Police/Military Wounded: 0

Civilian Fatalities: 0

Civilian Wounded: 1

Terrorist/Insurgent Fatalities: 0

Terrorist/Insurgent Wounded: 0

Number Arrested: 0

Source: Ukrinform