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Below are all 41 event summaries for our reports that we've mapped over the last day for all of our paying subscribers.  Geopolitical Report Pro subscribers can view complete reports and maps at the links under each summary.

Terrorism Events Mapped Over the Past Day


Militants attack kills one soldier, wounds two others in Bandarban
Suspected Kuki Chin National Army separatists opened fire and killed one soldier and injured two others in the Bandarbar district on Sunday. The soldiers were escorting a group of officials in the area at the time of the attack. The attack took place a day after the militants abducted 12 contractual employees of the military who were involved in road construction. Some of the kidnapped workers were released by the militants after a ransom was paid. This event took place on 03/12/2023.
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Boko Haram militants behead woman in Far North Cameroon
Boko Haram terrorists attacked the village of Zanga in Far North Cameroon last Friday and beheaded a 78-year-old woman. The terrorists also looted houses, carrying away food, clothes, and other kitchen items. This event took place on 03/10/2023.
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Security forces arrest 14 terrorists in several governorates
Iraqi security forces arrested 14 terrorists during operations in several governorates, including Diyala in the past two days. Weapons and ammunition were seized during the operations. This event took place on 03/14/2023.
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IED discovered and defused in Kalikot
Nepal army bomb disposal members defused an IED that was found by pipeline workers near the north wall of the District Court located in Manma, the headquarters of Kalikot district on Tuesday. Police believe the IED might have been a remnant from the conflict era in the country. This event took place on 03/14/2023.
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Police engage kidnappers, rescue abducted journalist
Police engaged kidnappers and rescued a journalist being held hostage in the Idimu area of Lagos on Monday. After coming under police fire, the kidnapper fled the area leaving the hostage behind. The journalist was abducted by the kidnapper last Thursday at Mobalufon in Ijebu-Ode. This event took place on 03/13/2023.
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