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Kim Jong Un claims successful hypersonic missile test

Below are all 67 event summaries for our reports that we've mapped over the last day. Geopolitical Report Pro subscribers can view complete reports and maps at the links under each summary. Before we get to that, one of the biggest stories of the past day focuses on the Korean peninsula.

North Korea claimed it successfully tested a solid-fuel engine for a new intermediate-range missile with a highly maneuverable hypersonic payload. The test was overseen by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who praised the weapon's role in the country's security. North Korea's missile tests have increased tensions with South Korea, and the country claims to have a hypersonic missile capable of striking the US. Solid-fuel propellant allows for quicker launches and less maintenance. Kim stated that the new hypersonic weapon system is as strategically valuable as ICBMs.

While China and Russia have successfully developed hypersonic missiles, the US has faced challenges deploying its own. This week, the US Air Force tested the AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW), which has had development issues. The Air Force is not seeking funding for ARRW in the 2025 budget request but is requesting funding for the Hypersonic Attack Cruise Missile program.

Terrorism Events Mapped Over the Past Day


Ethiopia arrests 50 suspected terrorists in Addis Ababa
Ethiopia announced on Tuesday that it arrested 50 individuals in Addis Ababa for alleged terrorist activity. The individuals had been clandestinely operating to undertake armed violence and chaos in the capital, Addis Ababa, and nearby areas. This event took place on 03/20/2024.
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German police arrest two terrorists planning to attack Sweden
German police have arrested two Afghan nationals who were planning terror attacks in Sweden. The suspects were linked to the ISIS terror group's Khorasan branch and had received orders to carry out an attack in Europe. They had made concrete preparations for an attack in Stockholm, near the parliament. This event took place on 03/20/2024.
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Four top Maoist insurgents killed in Gadchiroli district
On Tuesday, Indian forces killed four top Maoist insurgents from Telangana during a combing operation in the forested hills of Kolamarka in Gadchiroli district, Maharashtra. The Maoists, who had crossed the Pranhita River, were engaged in a fierce gun battle and were neutralized after 25 hours. One AK-47 assault rifle, a carbine, two countrymade revolvers, explosives, IED ingredients, and Maoist literature were seized from the dead militants. This event took place on 03/20/2024.
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ISIS leaders arrested in India
Two top leaders of ISIS in India, Haris Farooqi and Anurag Singh, were arrested near the international border after crossing over from Bangladesh. They were wanted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and are described as highly indoctrinated and motivated members of ISIS involved in recruitment, terror funding, and planning terror acts using improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The STF Assam plans to hand over the accused to NIA for further legal proceedings. This event took place on 03/20/2024.
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11 ISIS Members Arrested in Iraq
Iraqi authorities have arrested 11 ISIS members in Kirkuk province. The Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency conducted a successful operation resulting in the arrest of the members who confessed to belonging to ISIS and participating in armed attacks against security forces. Iraqi forces continue to pursue ISIS remnants in different provinces, as militants target army, police, and security personnel through ambushes and armed attacks. This event took place on 03/20/2024.
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