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Suspected al-Shabab IED blast injures three police officers in Ijara

A suspected al-Shabab IED blast struck a police vehicle outside of  Ijara on Sunday, injuring three police officers. The officers were escorting  Ijara Member of Parliament aspirant Ibrahim Abbas' convoy to Hulugho at the time of the attack. This event took place on 06/05/2022 at the following location: Ijara, Kenya.

Incident Type: Terrorism

Event Type: IED

Total Fatalities: 0

Total Wounded: 3

Police/Military Fatalities: 0

Police/Military Wounded: 3

Civilian Fatalities: 0

Civilian Wounded: 0

Terrorist/Insurgent Fatalities: 0

Terrorist/Insurgent Wounded: 0

Number Arrested: 0

Source: The Star