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Protests continue in Sri Lanka

Protests continue in Sri Lanka

Hundreds of ruling party supporters rallied outside of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa's residence after local media said that he may step down.  Clashes ensued with anti-government protesters and at least nine people were injured.  This comes amid a worsening economic situation and energy companies saying they are running low on liquid petroleum gas. This event took place on 05/09/2022 at the following location: Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Incident Type: Civil Unrest

Event Type: Protest

Total Fatalities: 0

Total Wounded: 9

Police/Military Fatalities: 0

Police/Military Wounded: 0

Civilian Fatalities: 0

Civilian Wounded: 9

Terrorist/Insurgent Fatalities: 0

Terrorist/Insurgent Wounded: 0

Number Arrested: 0

Source: Reuters

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