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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida targeted by a smoke bomb attack

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was targeted by a smoke bomb attack at the Saikazaki port in Wakayama before a speech on Saturday. He was evacuated and no injuries were reported. A 24-year-old suspect was arrested in the incident. This event took place on 04/15/2023 at the following location: Wakayama, Japan.

Incident Type: Terrorism

Event Type: IED

Total Fatalities: 0

Total Wounded: 0

Police/Military Fatalities: 0

Police/Military Wounded: 0

Civilian Fatalities: 0

Civilian Wounded: 0

Terrorist/Insurgent Fatalities: 0

Terrorist/Insurgent Wounded: 0

Number Arrested: 1

Source: India Today