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Houthi rebels kill one villager, injure eight others in Hodeidah province

Houthi rebels attacked a cluster of villages in the Al-Qusira area, east of the Bayt Al-Faqih district, Hodeidah province, on Wednesday. One villager was killed, and eight others were wounded in the attack. Over 100 villagers were also reportedly abducted during the raids. This event took place on 09/15/2022 at the following location: Hodeidah, Yemen.

Incident Type: Terrorism

Event Type: Terror Attack

Total Fatalities: 1

Total Wounded: 8

Police/Military Fatalities: 0

Police/Military Wounded: 0

Civilian Fatalities: 1

Civilian Wounded: 8

Terrorist/Insurgent Fatalities: 0

Terrorist/Insurgent Wounded: 0

Number Arrested: 0

Source: Arab News