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Russian strikes on a base near the Polish border killed or wounded dozens of people over the weekend.  

International Center for Peacekeeping and Security hit in airstrikes
The International Center for Peacekeeping and Security near the border with Poland was hit by airstrikes killing at least 35 people and wounding 134 more. Around 30 missiles were launched at the facility overnight.

A second mayor was abducted by Russian forces in Ukraine.  This comes after the Russians installed a new mayor in Melitopol.  

Dniprorudne mayor abducted
Russian forces abducted Mayor Yevhen Matveyev of Dniprorudne on Sunday. This comes after the mayor in Melitopol was abducted on Friday.

Protests against the invasion of Ukraine are continuing in Russia and arrest numbers continue to climb.  

Anti-war protests continue in Russia
Anti-war protests took place in at least 23 cities on Sunday and at least 200 people have been detained so far.

The IRGC claimed a missile attack on Erbil that was launched from inside Iran.  The attack is likely in response to recent Israeli strikes that killed IRGC officers near Damascus.

IRGC claims ballistic missile attack on Erbil
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claimed responsibility for the ballistic missile attack that targeted the US consulate in Erbil on Sunday morning. The attack wounded one civilian and caused damage in the area.

Al-Shabab took heavy casualties in Somalia after being targeted by US and Somali forces.

US drone strikes kill 200 al-Shabab terrorists in central Somalia
US drone strikes reportedly targeted an al-Shabab base 20 km east of the township of Wabxo, Galgaduud region, killing 200 militants, including several top militant leaders. The strikes were a joint collaboration between the Somali National Army and the US forces. The exact date of the strikes was no…

ADF terrorists continue to be targeted by UPDF forces operating inside of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

ADF terrorists killed in Ituri
An Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militant from Somalia, along with six other terrorists, was killed in the Mitego area by the Ugandan army.