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Below are all 32 event summaries for our reports that we've mapped over the last day for all of our paying subscribers.  Geopolitical Report Pro subscribers can view complete reports and maps at the links under each summary.

Terrorism Events Mapped Over the Past Day


Taliban forces arrest suspect for attack on Pakistani Embassy in Kabul
Taliban forces arrested a suspect on Saturday for his involvement in Friday's attack on the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul that killed a security guard. The head of the Pakistani embassy escaped injury in the attack. Security members recovered an AK-47 rifle, a long-range automatic rifle, a sniper rifle, and other weapons from the suspect's possession at the time of his arrest. This event took place on 12/03/2022.
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Bomb blast at TMC leader's house kills three people
A suspected bomb blast at the home of a Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader’s home in East Medinipur, West Benga, killed at least three people late Friday night. This event took place on 12/02/2022.
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UN peacekeepers repel attack on base in Mali
UN peacekeepers repelled a terrorist attack on a new base near Timbuktu on Friday. There were no casualties in the attack. The peacekeepers set up the new base after a nearby attack on a UN peacekeepers convoy wounded two local contract workers on Thursday. This event took place on 12/02/2022.
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Scores of ISWAP terrorists killed in Borno State
Nigerian forces killed scores of Islamic State of the West African Province (ISWAP) terrorists during a gun battle in the town of Wajiroko, Borno State on Friday. The terrorists had attacked the town after they fired multiple mortar rounds on the town. Nigerian troops engaged the militants in a 40-minute clash before they were forced to flee the area and were again ambushed by other Nigerian forces. One FN rifle, two AK 47 rifles, one RPG tube, two RPG bombs, one hand grenade, two FN magazines, two AK magazines, and 20 rounds of 7.62 mm NATO ammunition were recovered after the fighting. This event took place on 12/02/2022.
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Police thwart attack on INEC office in Orlu
Police thwarted an attack on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office in Orlu, Imo State on Thursday. During the attack, gunmen opened fire on the office and threw IEDs at the building. Only the security post of the building was damaged. After the attack, the police engaged the attackers as they fled the area wounding some of the assailants. This event took place on 12/01/2022.
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