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Below are all 35 event summaries for our reports that we've mapped over the last day for all of our paying subscribers.  Geopolitical Report Pro subscribers can view complete reports and maps at the links under each summary.

Terrorism Events Mapped Over the Past Day


Three youths involved in an RPG attack arrested in Punjab
Police arrested three youths in Goindwal Sahib on Tuesday for their involvement in a rocket-propelled grenade attack on a police Station in Sarhali on 9 December. A loaded RPG launcher was recovered during the arrest. This event took place on 12/27/2022.
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Terrorists release 200 hostages in the Maru LGA
Terrorists released at least 200 hostages who were abducted in the Randa community of the Mutumjie ward, Maru Local Government Area (LGA) of Zamfara State on 17 December after an N6 million ransom was paid. At least 32 other hostages were killed by the terrorists before the ransom was paid. This event took place on 12/25/2022.
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ISIS terrorists attack jail, six SDF soldiers, two terrorists killed
ISIS terrorists attacked a Kurdish security complex that included jail facilities for militants in Raqqa on Monday. Six Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) soldiers and two terrorists were killed during the attack. SDF forces were able to repel the attack and a search was underway for other terrorists involved. This event took place on 12/26/2022.
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Nine suspected Daesh/ISIS terrorists arrested in Ankara
Counter-terrorism forces arrested at least nine suspected Daesh/ISIS terrorists during simultaneous operations across Ankara on Tuesday. The individuals were in contact with Daesh/ISIS terrorists in conflict zones. This event took place on 12/27/2022.
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West Bank

16 wanted terrorists arrested across the West Bank
Israeli counter-terrorism forces arrested 16 suspected Palestinian terrorists during operations across the West Bank overnight Monday into Tuesday. Six were arrested in Nablus, two were arrested in Jeva, and six in the villages of Silwad, A-Ram, and Titin. Two others were arrested in the village of El Khader. Weapons and explosives were seized during the operations. This event took place on 12/27/2022.
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