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Below are all 38 event summaries for our reports that we've mapped over the last day for all of our paying subscribers.  Geopolitical Report Pro subscribers can view complete reports and maps at the links under each summary.

Terrorism Events Mapped Over the Past Day

Central African Republic

Mail bomb blast wounds Russian official in Bangui
‌A Russian cultural center official was wounded by a parcel bomb addressed to him in Bangui on Friday. It is unknown who mailed the parcel. This event took place on 12/16/2022.‌
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Man involved in a gun battle with guards outside the home of Guyana's president
‌A man attempted to enter the home of Guyana President Irafaan Ali on Thursday. He approached guards at the official residence in Georgetown and demanded an audience with the president. After arguing with the guards, he stabbed one of them several times in the neck and upper body. He then grabbed a guard's pistol and exchanged fire with other guards. He was wounded in the gunfire and was being treated for his wounds. Guyana's government requested Interpol to help in investigating the background of the Nigerian national involved in the attack. This event took place on 12/15/2022.‌
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Gunfire kills two civilians, injures another in Rajouri
‌Two civilians were killed and another was wounded during gunfire outside a military camp in the Rajouri district early Friday. Initially, the Army stated a sentry opened fire leading to the casualties but later blamed the shootings on unidentified terrorists for the attack. Soon after the incident, local residents took to the streets and pelted stones at the camp to protest the killings. This event took place on 12/16/2022.‌
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IED discovered and destroyed in Pattan
‌Security forces discovered and later destroyed an IED in the Pattan area of the Baramulla on Wednesday. This event took place on 12/14/2022.‌
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Six people arrested in Punjab for the rocket attack in Tarn Taran
‌Police arrested six people, including two juveniles in Punjab in connection with the recent rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attack at a police station in Tarn Taran district in Chandigarh on 9 December. Police recovered three pistols, ammunition, and a hand grenade from those arrested. This event took place on 12/16/2022.‌
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