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Daily Brief: September 27, 2021

Daily Brief: September 27, 2021

Over the past day, we've mapped 37 events with the following breakdown by event category.

After several months of smaller protests over three agriculture laws passed at the end of 2020, farmers are pledging to reignite the heavy protests seen last year and earlier this year that caused traffic headaches around Delhi.  Protests are expected to grow in the coming weeks as farmers pressure the government to revisit the agriculture laws.    

Farmers protest again around Delhi
Farmers returned to the streets around Delhi to protest against the three new farm laws that passed one year ago. Traffic issues were seen at multiple border crossings in the area as demonstrators blocked roads.

A deal has been reached in Sudan that will allow oil exports to resume from South Sudan through Bashayer.  Tribal elders are examining further easing of protests, which would open roads, ports and the pipeline to Khartoum.

Sudan reaches agreement with protesters to reopen South Sudan oil exports
Sudan met with protesters from the Beja tribe in Port Sudan and came to an agreement to allow oil exports from South Sudan to resume through Bashayer. The oil import line remains blocked as the Beja tribal elders discuss an agreement to reopen all ports and roads. The protesters are objecting to p

Boko Haram and ISWAP attacks are continuing in Nigeria with dozens of people killed in the past 48 hours.  Although thousands of militants have surrendered in the past few months, they remain a threat to the civilian population, as well as security forces in the region.  

Nigerian army repels ISWAP attack on Sokoto military base
Nigerian troops repelled an ISWAP rebel attack on a military base in Burkusuma in Sabon Birni Local Government Area of Sokoto State Sunday evening. Scores of rebels were reportedly killed in the fighting. An unknown number of Nigerian troops were killed or wounded in the attack.
Boko Haram attacks Banbangida area
Boko Haram attacked the Babangida area and a gun battle followed. Casualty figures are not known at this time.
Terrorists kill 34 people in Kaura local government area
Terrorists attacked the village of Madamai, Kaura local government area, on Monday killing at least 34 people and wounding seven others. Several houses in the villages were set ablaze during the attack.

Operations against Houthi rebels are continuing in Yemen, but civilians are growing tired of the worsening economic situation.  Protests are expected to grow in the coming weeks as the already desperate humanitarian situation in the country grows even worse.  

50 Houthi rebels killed in Ma’rib
Arab coalition ground and air forces killed at least 50 Iranian-backed Houthi rebels during fighting in Ma’rib city on Sunday. The operation pushed back the Houthi assault on the city.
Protests over poverty in Taiz
Hundreds of people took to the streets of Taiz to demonstrate over the poverty that is spreading in Saudi-backed areas. Security forces fired shots into the air to disperse the protesters.
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