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Daily Brief: September 24, 2021

Daily Brief: September 24, 2021

Over the past day, we've mapped 36 events with the following breakdown by event category.

With ADIZ incursions increasing, it is not a surprise that PLA ships are being spotted off the east coast of Taiwan.  In addition, China is ramping up its propaganda against the US on Taiwan, Hong Kong and the South China Sea.  Further intensification of both operational and propaganda efforts will take place in the coming days and weeks.    

Chinese frigates spotted off Taiwan
Two Chinese PLA frigates were spotted off the east coast of Taiwan over the past couple of days. One was spotted 40 nautical miles off Hualien County and another was spotted 116 nautical miles off Green Island. Taiwan Navy patrol ships were deployed to monitor the frigates.
China accuses the US of interference in Hong Kong affairs
The Chinese foreign ministry accused the US of interference in Hong Kong and laid out what it is calling a criminal record with more than 100 violations.

A Philippine government agency, CERT, has disclosed that IP addresses connected to attacks on independent media sites are tied to the Philippine army.  This disclosure will lead to condemnation, not only from media outlets, but also the general public which will erode public trust in the government.  

CERT-PH confirms cyberattacks on two media sites linked to the Philippine army
The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-PH) confirmed that cyberattacks on media sites Bulalat and Altermidya originated from IP addresses assigned to the Philippine army. Frequent DDoS attacks have targeted the sites for quite some time.

The Taliban claims that it will take a different approach in governing than it did 20 years ago, but evidence continues to show that its policies don't match its rhetoric.  Announcements such as those regarding executions and punishments will further hamper the new government as they seek international recognition and hope to unlock frozen assets overseas.  

Taliban regime says executions and strict punishments will return
A Taliban spokesman stated that strict punishments to include amputations and executions will return in Afghanistan. He said that judges will adjudicate cases using the Quran as the foundation of laws. He further stated that the regime is currently studying whether to carry out punishments publicly
Hundreds protest in Kabul against frozen assets
Hundreds of people protested in Kabul against the US and the international community over nearly $10 billion of Afghan assets now frozen in US banks. The protesters asked the US and international community to unfreeze the assets to avert a looming humanitarian crisis in the country.

Protests are continuing in Sudan with another airport being closed by the demonstrators.  Demonstrations are expected to continue over the weekend.

Protesters close Kassala Airport
Protesters closed the Kassala Airport in eastern Sudan on Friday. Protests have taken place for the past eight days throughout the country as they demonstrate against a 2020 peace deal between the government and rebel group. All ports on the Red Sea and the main road between Khartoum and Port Sudan
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