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Daily Brief: September 20, 2021

Daily Brief: September 20, 2021

Over the past day, we've mapped 31 events with the following breakdown by event category.

The threat from Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has grown since the Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan.  Operations against TTP will pick up in the coming months to ensure security in the frontier of Pakistan.

TTP commander killed in North Waziristan district
Security forces killed a high-value TTP rebel commander during an operation in the North Waziristan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Monday. The individual was involved in killing of 4 women of an NGO in February 2021 and the targeted killing of Frontier Works Organization engineers in Nov

After the Russian elections were targeted by a cyberattack last week, Hungary was hit by an attack over the weekend.  Cyberattacks on elections are becoming a growing threat and these events may be used domestically to call outcomes of elections into question.  

Primary voting in Hungary extended after a cyberattack
Primary opposition voting to find a candidate to run against Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Hungary was extended by two days to September 28, after a cyberattack was reported over the weekend. The nature of the attack is not known, but voting was to resume on Monday and an investigation is underway

The offices of the construction union in Melbourne saw a large protest against mandatory coronavirus vaccines with hundreds of workers on Monday.  As more vaccine mandates are put into place across the globe, more protests can be expected.

Protest outside of CFMEU office in Melbourne
Hundreds of construction workers protested against Covid restrictions and mandatory vaccinations in front of the CFMEU building in Melbourne. Protesters kicked in the glass entrance to the office and clashed with the police who fired rubber bullets and teargas to disperse them. After the protest,

Myanmar has seen an increasing number of resistance attacks on junta forces over the past month.  The junta is adjusting and the redeployment of troops to resistance-heavy areas is an attempt to stop the ongoing attacks.  Resistance forces have become more organized over the past several months and are a threat to the military.    

Myanmar military deploys additional forces to Sagaing Region
The Myanmar military deployed additional troops to the Sagaing region following the escalations of clashes with resistance forces in the area. Heavy weapons are also being brought to the region. Sources stated that the junta may be planning attacks in Mingin, Kani, Yinmarbin, Pale, and Myaung townsh

A rare active shooter event in Russia led to six people being killed and dozens wounded.  The shooter does not appear to have a political motive and was a student at the school.  

Shooting at Perm State University
A shooting at Perm State University killed at least six people and wounded 28 more. The shooter was detained.

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