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Daily Brief: September 14, 2021

Daily Brief: September 14, 2021

Over the past day, we've mapped 38 events with the following breakdown by event category.

The Taliban regime told residents of a military colony in Kandahar to leave their homes so Taliban personnel can use them.  Many of the families have lived in the colony for years and many were families of high-ranking military officials.  More examples of this will be seen in other communities, which will only add to the growing humanitarian crisis in the country.

Protests in Kandahar after residents displaced
Thousands of residents in Kandahar blocked roads and gathered in front of the governor’s house after the Taliban told at least 3,000 families to leave the colony within three days.

Turkey continues to make arrests of Islamic State militants throughout the country.  Whether the terrorists are using Turkey as a transit point or the country is their home, Turkey will have to deal with their presence as activity picks up in Iraq.

12 suspected Daesh/ISIS terrorists arrested in Turkey
Security forces arrested 12 suspected Daesh/ISIS terrorists during operations in Ankara and the provinces of Konya, Adana, and Sanliurfa provinces.
Suspected ISIS attack kills Iraqi officer
Suspected ISIS terrorists attacked the village of Al Mazarikh in Saladin Governorate on Tuesday. An Iraqi Army captain was killed in the attack.
Coalition airstrikes target ISIS tunnels in the al-Kuwayr subdistrict
Coalition airstrikes targeted ISIS tunnels in the Al-Kuwayr subdistrict of the Nineveh governorate on Monday. The area was also strafed by the aircraft. There were no immediate reports of casualties from the attacks.

The number of New People's Army rebel surrenders has increased over the past few months, but continued operational momentum will be needed to sustain the pace.  

Government forces kill three NPA rebels, wound three more
Government forces killed three NPA rebels and wounded three others during a clash in the town of Tabu, Ilog, early Tuesday morning. Ten rebels were arrested after the encounter. One policeman was wounded in the clash.
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