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Daily Brief: October 5, 2021

Daily Brief: October 5, 2021

Over the past day, we've mapped 31 events with the following breakdown by event category.

UNICEF reported that an unspecified number of child soldiers were rescued in Cabo Delgado from al-Shabab militants.  Militants continue to operate in the energy-rich northern region of the country and additional rescues of child soldiers are likely as government forces continue to conduct operations.

Child soldiers rescued in Mozambique
According to UNICEF, an unspecified number of child soldiers were rescued by government forces from al-Shabab in northern Mozambique. No other details are known at this time.

Protests continued on Monday as demonstrators stormed the coca market in La Paz.  The ongoing conflict over the coca trade between growers in line with opposition groups and government-backed Adepcoca is growing more violent.  Protests are expected to continue in the days ahead.  

Bolivians storm coca market in La Paz
Bolivians stormed the Adepcoca market on Monday after clashing with police as the dispute between government loyalists and opposition leaders continues. Thousands are taking part in the protests and people are being urged to avoid Villa Fatima and Las Americas Avenue. Two protesters and two securi…

Venezuela is planning to reopen its border with Colombia after nearly three years of closure.  This comes as humanitarian conditions in Venezuela continue to worsen and UNHCR has said that over 5 million people have fled the country.

Venezuela reopening border with Colombia
After almost three years of closure, Venezuela is planning to reopen the border with Colombia on Tuesday in hopes of easing economic problems and its growing humanitarian crisis.

Turkey continues to conduct operations inside of northern Iraq as they target PKK militants.  Residents in the region have grown weary of the continued operations and as Turkish airstrikes continue to destroy homes and start fires on cropland, the frustration will grow.  

Four PKK terrorists killed in northern Iraq
Turkish ground forces supported by airstrikes killed four PKK terrorists during operations in the Operation Pence-Kaplan and Zap area of northern Iraq.
Turkish airstrikes target PKK in Sulaimani
Turkish airstrikes targeted the PKK at an outpost in Chamchamal wounding two people. It is not clear if those injured were PKK or civilians.
Suspected Turkish airstrikes damage homes in Sidakan
Suspected Turkish airstrikes damaged several homes in the Sidakan sub-district of Erbil province on Tuesday. There were no casualties from the strikes. Turkey regularly carries out operations in the area against PKK rebels.
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