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Daily Brief: October 26, 2021

Daily Brief: October 26, 2021

Over the past day, we've mapped 53 events with the following breakdown by event category.

Protests after the coup in Sudan turned deadly and dozens were injured.  With the internet shutdown in the country and with the military taking a hard line against demonstrations, violence is likely to continue in the days to come.

Sudan forces open fire on protestors in Khartoum, 2 killed 80 wounded
Sudanese military forces opened fire on protestors in Khartoum on Monday killing at least two people and wounding 80 others. Thousands of protestors overran barricades around a military headquarters before gunfire took place. The shootings took place just hours after the military launched a coup in…

The fallout from the national security law in Hong Kong continues, as Amnesty International is pulling out both its local and regional offices.  

Amnesty International to close offices in Hong Kong
Amnesty International will close its two offices in Hong Kong over the national security law. A statement said that the law makes it impossible for human rights organizations to operate without fear of reprisals from the government.

Heavy airstrikes against the Houthis are continuing in Yemen and are not likely to end anytime soon.  

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes kill 105 Houthi rebels in Al-Jawba
Saudi-led coalition airstrikes reportedly killed 105 Houthi fighters in Al Jawbah in the past 24 hours. Thirteen Houthi vehicles were destroyed in the attacks.

As Afghanistan continues to seek aid, China has pledged to grant it in return for cracking down on ETIM along the border.    

China pledges aid to Afghanistan
Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister, pledged aid to Afghanistan during the first high-level meeting with the interim Afghan government in Doha, while once again calling on the Taliban to deny a safe haven for East Turkestan Islamic Movement militants. This was the first meeting between the two countr…
Chinese Foreign Minister to meet with Taliban delegation
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will meet a delegation from the Taliban in Qatar on October 25 and 26. They will discuss topics of common concern, including aid and security.

With the COP26 summit starting in Glasgow on October 31, more protests are expected by Insulate Britain to bring attention to their cause.

Insulate Britain protests resume
Insulate Britain protesters resumed their demonstrations after 10 days off. They blocked roads around London and caused traffic disruptions. This comes ahead of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.
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