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Daily Brief: November 23, 2021

Daily Brief: November 23, 2021

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A deadly CODECO attack was pushed back in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but the reported casualties are likely to rise.

CODECO attacks Drodro
CODECO attacked the village of Drodro and killed at least 12 people on Monday. Some sources have put the death toll significantly higher, so casualty figures may increase.

A terrorist plot was broken up in Bahrain with Iranian sourced weapons being seized.  

Terrorist cell arrested in Bahrain
Bahrain security forces arrest several members of a terrorist cell in Manama on Monday. The terrorist elements were planning and preparing for terrorist operations targeting security and civil peace in the country. Weapons and explosives from Iran were seized during the operation.

Houthis continue to launch drone attacks on Saudi airports and the Saudi-led coalition continues to inflict heavy casualties on the Houthis in Marib and Al-Bayda.

Houthis launch drone at Najran airport
Houthis launched a drone targeting Najran airport and Saudi air defenses intercepted the drone causing shrapnel to fall over a neighborhood in the city. No casualties were reported in the attack.
Saudi-led coalition airstrikes continue in Marib
The Saudi-led coalition launched 22 airstrikes in Marib over the past 24 hours killing 115 terrorists. In addition, 16 military vehicles were also destroyed.

Russian airstrikes are continuing throughout Syria with more reports of civilian casualties.

Russia conducts airstrikes on ISIS hideouts in the Syrian desert
Russian aircraft conducted at least 20 airstrikes against ISIS hideouts in the Syrian desert region early Monday morning. The strikes were concentrated on the area from east Hama desert to al-Rasafah desert in al-Raqqah running through Ithirya and al-Rahjan, and large spaces of Palmyra and Deir Ezzo…
Russian airstrikes kill civilians in Idlib
Russian aircraft took off from Hmeimim airbase in Latakia and conducted airstrikes outside of Idlib killing at least two civilians on Monday.
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