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Daily Brief: November 11, 2021

Daily Brief: November 11, 2021

Over the past day, we've mapped 50 events with the following breakdown by event category.

As the migrant crisis escalates along the Poland-Belarus border and the EU ponders sanctions, Russia has flown strategic bombers over Belarus.  

Russia flies strategic bombers over Belarus
Russia flew two nuclear-capable Tu-22M3 bombers over Belarus as the European Union considers sanctions against Belarus for the migrant crisis along the border with Poland.

UN-linked employees and contractors have been detained in Ethiopia as arrests of ethnic Tigrayans pick up.  

UN staff members detained in Addis Ababa
A UN spokesperson said that at least 16 UN staff and dependents have been detained in Addis Ababa. The UN is currently working to secure their release, but no other details are known at this time. This comes as reports surface that there have been widespread arrests of ethnic Tigrayans.
UN contract drivers detained in Ethiopia
The UN announced that at least 70 contract drivers have been arrested in the Semera area in Ethiopia since November 3. The UN is seeking reasons for the arrests a day after they said that at least 16 local employees had been detained in Addis Ababa.

For the first time since the coup in February, the Arakan Army and junta troops clashed in Myanmar.  This comes as attacks from other resistance groups continue to increase throughout the country.

Arakan Army clashes with junta troops in Rakhine state
The Arakan Army (AA) broke a ceasefire and clashed with junta troops in Rakhine state near Maungdaw for the first time since the February coup. Casualty figures are not known at this time.
Resistance group landmine blasts kill 12 Myanmar soldiers
Resistance rebel landmine blasts killed 12 Myanmar soldiers in Chaung-U Township, Sagaing Region Wednesday morning.
Six Myanmar soldiers killed in Ingabo
Kyaikto Revolution Force fighters claimed to have killed six Myanmar soldiers during a clash in the village of Kyaikto, Yangon Region Tuesday evening. The soldiers were guarding a junta-owned Mytel telecom mast at the time of the attack.
Resistance forces kill five Myanmar soldiers, wound ten others
Resistance forces ambushed and reportedly killed five Myanmar soldiers and wounded ten others in Ayadaw Township, Sagaing Region. Landmines were used against military vehicles during the attack.
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