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Daily Brief: January 6, 2022

Daily Brief: January 6, 2022

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The events in Kazakhstan are concerning and we expect more changes over the coming days.  

Kazakhstan presidential palace stormed and set fire
Protestors stormed and set the presidential palace in Almaty on fire on Wednesday. Police fired on some of the protestors and used water cannons, tear gas, and concussion grenades on the protestors. Some of the demonstrators were reportedly wielding firearms. Reports also stated that the mayoral off…
Protestors seize airport in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Protestors reportedly seized the Almaty airport in Kazakhstan on Wednesday. At least 45 people reportedly took the airport. Workers and passengers evacuated the airport as the protestors took over. All flights have been stopped. Security forces have cordoned off the airport for security purposes.
State of emergency declared in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan’s president declared a state of emergency in several provinces and accepted the resignation of the government on Wednesday. Violent protests have increased in Almaty with clashes between police and demonstrators and the mayoralty was set on fire in the city. Protests in other cities, inc…

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