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Daily Brief: January 3, 2022

Daily Brief: January 3, 2022

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Several days of protests ended with at least two people being killed in Sudan, along with the prime minister resigning.

Hamdok resigns after days of protests
Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok resigned on Sunday after days of protests turned deadly. Hamdok said a roundtable discussion is needed to reach a way forward in the country. This comes after his reinstatement after being detained during the October coup.
Protests turn deadly in Omdurman
A pro-democracy protest led to two people being killed in Omdurman on Sunday. Police used teargas to disperse the demonstrators.
Protests called in Sudan
Pro-democracy groups called for protests again on Sunday in hopes of pressuring General Abdel Fattah Al Burhan to resign. The protesters marched toward the Republican Palace in Khartoum and security forces fired teargas to disperse them. Roads have been shut down and the internet has been suspende…

A protest against an attack on an HDP office last week was met with force in Istanbul.

Protest against HDP office attack in Istanbul
A protest against the recent attack on an HDP office was met with police intervention in Istanbul. An unspecified number of protesters were taken into custody.

Thousands took part in an anti-Covid restriction protest in Amsterdam.

Anti-lockdown protest in Amsterdam
A protest against lockdown restrictions in Amsterdam drew thousands of people despite the government outlawing the protest. Riot police were deployed to disperse the demonstrators.

A large protest calling on the international community to unfreeze Afghan assets drew thousands of people to the streets of Kabul.

Protest in Kabul over frozen assets
Thousands of people from across Afghanistan took to the streets of Kabul to call for the unfreezing of assets by the international community. This comes as the humanitarian situation has worsened in the country and the Taliban tries to pressure the international community to release the funds.
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