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Daily Brief: January 10, 2022

Daily Brief: January 10, 2022

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It was a busy weekend of protests against Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates around the globe.

Hundreds protest in Sydney
An anti-vaccine protest drew hundreds of people to the streets of Sydney on Sunday. This comes ahead of Covid vaccinations being opened up for those from five to 11-years-old on January 10.
Hundreds protest in Beirut over vaccine policies
Hundreds of people took to the streets of Beirut to protest against policies against unvaccinated people. Vaccination is not mandatory in Lebanon, but some policies are being enforced against unvaccinated or those without a negative PCR test.
Anti-Covid restriction protests in Brussels
A protest in Brussels drew thousands of people to the streets on Sunday against proposed Covid restrictions. The demonstrators called for freedom and liberty from lockdowns and mandates and police said at least 5,000 people took part.

Pro-democracy groups continue to organize protests in Sudan.

Khartoum protests met with teargas
Protests in Khartoum drew thousands of people to the streets on Sunday to demonstrate against the military coup in the country. Security forces fired teargas to disperse them as the demonstrators marched toward the presidential palace.

In addition to a Covid-related protest, Lebanon also saw demonstrations against the collapse of the country's currency which led to a blackout.  

Protests lead to blackout in Lebanon
Protests took place across Lebanon on Saturday over the collapse of the country’s currency and one group stormed a substation near Aramoune and tampered with equipment. The tampering caused a blackout throughout the country.
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