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Daily Brief: December 8, 2021

Daily Brief: December 8, 2021

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One of the suspects in Jamal Khashoggi's murder was arrested in France before he was able to board a plane to Saudi Arabia.

Suspected killer of Jamal Khashoggi arrested in France
One of the suspected killers of Jamal Khashoggi was arrested at Charles de Gaulle International Airport on a Turkish warrant. Khaled Aedh al-Otaibi was traveling using his own passport as he was waiting to board a flight to Saudi Arabia.

Nigeria continues to target bandits as the groups terrorize villages and conduct kidnappings throughout the country.

Nigerian Air Force bombs bandits in Kaduna
The Nigerian Air Force conducted airstrikes against bandits in the Rijana area of Kaduna. The strikes destroyed an armory and another building. There were an unknown number of casualties in the strikes.

ISWAP militants attacked Buni Yadi and they have seized control of a police station and barracks.  

ISWAP attacks Buni Yadi
ISWAP attacked Buni Yadi and took over a police station and barracks that were recently renovated. It is unclear how many militants were involved in the attack and how many casualties there were.

After drones and ballistic missiles were launched by Houthi rebels, Saudi Arabia has promised a heavy response.  

Houthi targets hit by airstrikes in Sanaa
Houthi targets linked to ballistic missiles and drones were destroyed by Saudi airstrikes overnight. Casualty figures were not reported.
Houthi ballistic missile targeting Khamis Mushait intercepted
A Houthi ballistic missile targeting Khamis Mushait was shot down over Yemeni airspace. This comes after multiple drones or missiles were intercepted that were targeting Riyadh. Saudi Arabia said that it will launch a large operation against Houthi rebels and told them to stop hiding military faci…
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