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Daily Brief: December 29, 2021

Daily Brief: December 29, 2021

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Authorities have closed a mosque in France over an imam's sermons.

Mosque closed in Beauvais
A mosque was closed in Beauvais for an imam’s sermons that defended jihad. The Great Mosque of Beauvais has reportedly suspended the imam who they say was a volunteer.

A number of BIFF militants and NPA rebels have surrendered over the past several days in the Philippines.

BIFF and NPA militants surrender
Five BIFF members surrendered in President Quirino on Monday. In a separate event, two New People’s Army (NPA) members surrendered in the same area.

Dozens of arrests of Islamic State militants took place in both Iraq and Turkey over the past few days.  

ISIS recruiter arrested in Nineveh
Iraqi forces arrested an ISIS recruiter in Nineveh on Tuesday. The individual was reportedly recruiting fighters and inciting violence against security forces in the Hajj area.
Three ISIL terrorists arrested in Kirkuk province
Iraqi forces arrested three ISIL terrorists during operations in Kirkuk province on Tuesday.
Six Daesh/ISIS terrorists arrested in Rabia district
Iraqi security forces arrested six Daesh/ISIS terrorists when they attempted to cross the border in the Babia district of Nineveh province on Tuesday. One of the terrorists had reportedly escaped from prison in Nineveh.
16 suspected Islamic State terrorists arrested in Balkesir
Security forces arrested 16 suspected Islamic State terrorists during operations across six provinces on Tuesday. The operations were based out of Balikesir province. Three other suspects are still being sought.
Five Islamic State terrorists arrested in Ankara
Security forces arrested five suspected Islamic State terrorists, including two foreign nationals, during operations in Ankara on Tuesday. The individuals were reportedly planning attacks on New Year’s Eve.
16 suspected Islamic State terrorists arrested in Bingol
Police arrested 16 suspected Islamic State terrorists after protestors used sticks and stones against security forces who were attempting to shut down an unlicensed religious bookshop in Bingol on Tuesday. The bookshop supported Islamic State activities in the country.
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