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Daily Brief: December 23, 2021

Daily Brief: December 23, 2021

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The humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate in Afghanistan and the UN Security Council adopted a resolution to allow aid to flow into the country.

UNSC adopts resolution for Afghanistan
The UN Security Council adopted a resolution to facilitate humanitarian aid to Afghanistan while stopping funds from flowing to the Taliban. The assistance will address basic needs as the crisis deepens heading into winter.

As Russia begins to ratchet up its statements and continues the buildup of troops and armor along the border, Ukraine launched an exercise with Javelin anti-tank missiles.  

Ukraine conducts exercise with Javelin anti-tank missiles
Ukraine conducted an exercise with Javelin anti-tank missiles in the eastern part of the country. This comes as tensions remain high in the region over the Russian military buildup near the borders and rumors of an impending cyberwar.

A ceasefire has been declared in Bosaaso after days of clashes.

Puntland Government declares ceasefire
The Puntland Government announced a ceasefire between two factions of the Puntland Security Forces (PSF) in the Basaaso area of Somalia. The Puntland government stated they are ready to start talks with the fired PSF director Mohamed Osman Diano. Forces loyal to Diano have been involved in clashes w…

After days of rumors, Libya postponed its presidential election two days before it was scheduled to take place.  

Libya postpones presidential election
The High National Election Commission (HNEC) postponed the 24 December presidential election until at least 24 January. The HNEC stated the inadequacy of legislation has resulted in the absence of a final candidates’ list. The postponement is a major blow to the prospect of peace and security in the…

Business owners took to the streets of Seoul to demonstrate against Covid restrictions.  

Small business owners protest in South Korea
A protest by small business owners drew hundreds of people in Seoul to demonstrate against Covid restrictions imposed on restaurants, cafes, gyms and other facilities. No violence was reported in the protest.
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