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Daily Brief: December 20, 2021

Daily Brief: December 20, 2021

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Protests against Covid restrictions took place across Europe and Australia over the weekend as Omicron variant cases spike.

Anti-restriction protest in Brussels
An anti-Covid restriction protest drew thousands of people to the streets of Brussels on Sunday. A strong police presence was seen in the streets to monitor the crowds.

The Saudi-led coalition continues to target Houthis with airstrikes and shoot down drones and ballistic missiles launched from Yemen.

Airstrike targets Houthis in Taiz
A Saudi-led coalition airstrike targeted Houthi rebels in Taiz killing at least seven. Two vehicles were also destroyed in the strike.
Saudi coalition forces down two Houthi bomb-laden drones
Saudi-led coalition air defense forces shot down two Houthi bomb-laden drones targeting the Abha International Airport on Sunday. The drones were fired from the Sanaa airport. Another Houthi drone was destroyed that targeted the city of Khamis Mushait.

Azerbaijan released Armenian soldiers after weeks of EU-led negotiations to free them.

Armenian soldiers released by Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan released 10 Armenian soldiers that had been held since November 16 after European Union-mediated negotiations.

Another rocket attack on Baghdad's Green Zone saw C-RAM deployed and some damage in the area.

Rocket attack on Baghdad’s Green Zone
Two rockets targeted Baghdad’s Green Zone early Sunday morning. One of the rockets was shot down by C-RAM defense batteries, the other fell in a square, damaging two vehicles. The rocket that was shot down fell near the US Embassy. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.
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